Subject: Salerno/Amalfi from Roma
I am just putting the finishing touches on an upcoming trip to southern Lazio and Napoli. On you drive to Napoli, assuming you will be taking the A3, I would recommend stopping at Cassino to visit Montecassino (the famous monastery and the sight of the infamous bombing during the WWll). The monastery has been completely rebuilt. I have read that the bombing of Montecassino caused Roma to be declared an open city.

There are two restaurants in the area that look good to me---a few miles back from Cassino just off the A3 is the Villa Euchelia in Castrocielo and a few miles south of Cassino, a few miles off the A3, is Il Vairo del Volturno in Vairano Patenora. I have chosen the former to try. Both look like good places. I chose the former because it is reputed to have an excellent wine cellar. These stops are a good way to break the trip up to Napoli plus Montecassino should not be missed.

We will be staying in Napoli and taking day trips by car. One of those trips will be to the Sorrento Peninsula, stopping at Pompei. We will be driving along the northern coast to Sorrento then up to Sant'Agata sui Due Golfi for lunch at Don Alfsono 1890. The views there should be truly magnificent. A restaurant that was seriously considered is Taverna del Capitano in Massa Lubrenese which is located at the tip of the Sorrento peninsula. The restaurant is right on the sea with views of Napoli, Vesiuvius and Capri. On the way back to Napoli we will stop at Herculaneum.

I recommend the Eyewitness, Knopf and Cadogan guides to Naples for planning your visit (not the guides to the entire country). It is amazing how much there is to see in and around Naples. I would not waste my money on the other guides, especially Fodor's.

Go to click on travel than search for Naples. Read Corby Kummer's article on Naples for an excellent insight about this city.

I look forward to reading commentary from others (on the list please) who have experience visiting Napoli and environs. Peter