Subject: Italy via Trafalgar Tours?
To be blunt, for a first trip to Italy (for any trip to Italy in fact,) I would not recommend this tour. I'm guessing your first day in Rome is really just the arrival day, which will be wasted. Capri is beautiful, but it is not the detour I would plan for a first trip. I would also be worried about that day of travel from Capri to Assisi, if that is how the tour does it. By boat and then motor coach, it borders on the impossible. The same with 2 nights in Venice. Does this mean you will have one actual day to see Venice? That would make you cry.

But perhaps the greatest abomination of this tour, is the day trip to Florence, while staying an hour or so away at Montecatini. There is no excuse for cutting corners like this, either in location of stay, or in the time allotted to Florence, and you will inevitably end up feeling cheated. Florence requires a minimum of 2 or 3 full days, with none of that time wasted in travel to and fro. Actually a week (or a month, or a year) in Florence would be better.

As standard and unimaginative as the following advice might sound, I would suggest that you find a tour which concentrates on Rome, Florence, and Venice, (always with the realization that this is a FIRST trip to Italy.) The standard side trips that such a tour will invariably include, (such as Siena, Assisi, San Gimignano, perhaps Bologna, and a few hill towns thrown in as day stops,) will better fulfill your dream of having seen Italy. Some may argue that the real Italy no longer exists in these tourist driven cities (excluding maybe Rome), but there is a reason they are tourist meccas, and that is because of the wealth and riches of truly marvelous things to see and do in them. For that you need time, and well-planned logistics and lodgings. Sorry to be so harsh. Joel