Subject: Italy via Trafalgar Tours?
Out of curiosity I looked up the subject tour--it includes a few more cities than you had listed! The price did not look all that reasonable too me, especially considering the herding, packing and unpacking coupled with the frenetic rushing around that would be necessary for such a tour.

Why not consider just two cities for your first trip? Say Rome and Florence for five days each. From each of these cities you could take a couple of day trips by train or bus to nearby towns. From Rome you could consider Tivoli and/or Ostia for easy day trips. On your way to Florence you could get the early train to Florence so that you could stop in Orvieto for the better part of the day before continuing on to Florence by train. From Florence, there are many nice day trips you could easily take: San Gimignano; Siena; Fiesole would be good suggestions.

Certainly you could get a lot of help for your trip planning from the members of this list. I know that the usual Rome-Florence-Venice circuit has become the thing to do for a short visit to Italy, but I would recommend only two of the major cities for a short trip. Peter