Subject: Italy via Trafalgar Tours?
I emphatically agree with the other posters who have urged you not to do this for a first trip to Italy. Nothing against Trafalgar Tours...just not this tour; look for another with Trafalgar, or look at other company's offerings. First, know that if you get to Italy once, you WILL go back! And the second time would be the time to do places like Capri and Assisi and Montecatini. For a first visit, look for a tour that gives you more nights in one place, and limit those places to three at the most. Definitely Rome and Florence, plus perhaps Venice or one other. You would be very unhappy, I think, with only a day trip into Florence (I kinda' think offering that should be a crime!). For first-time visitors, your time can be used much more richly than the Italy Bellisimo itinerary does it, in my opinion. Sally Watkins, CTC