Subject: Italy via Trafalgar Tours?
Dear Marcy I would have to agree with those whose feedback preceeded mine. This plan sounds awful. Too much travelling, and not nearly enough time in Italy's major cities. And Italy's major cities are visited by so many tourists because they are fantastic. Saying that they aren't the real Italy is like saying that Manhattan or San Francisco or DC aren't the real US. Each city is unique, and I would certainly feel cheated by a quick day visit to Florence and/or Rome. If you really want to be hassle free, why not go to Rome and Florence for a week each, as suggested by another Ziner? There are loads of fun day trips you could make from both cities, but 5 days or a week in Rome can be spent right in the city, and leave many sights unseen. And day trips from Florence are incredibly easy. Heck, you can get a cheap (relatively) taxi to Fiesole. And there are so many trains and buses going everywhere in Italy...the Italians know how to get tourists where they are going. I also agree that Ziners are more than willing to help you plan your trip. I myself have received invaluable advice from group members. I will add that for most of us, as far as I can tell, planning is half the fun of the trip. But if this isn't true for you, why not do a two or three city tour? My mom has gone on tours of Italy, and she likes Perillo best. I once accompanied my daughter's high school on a tour of Italy. We had a fantastic guide who was completely dedicated to having the kids see, experience and learn as much as possible. There were no hassles in the sense that someone else did all the planning. The down side of this was spending too much time on a bus, too much time waiting, too much time in hotel restaurants having no Italian charm or appeal, too many rooms outside of the center of things, too much time looking at things that someone else thought we should see, too many meals eaten at scheduled times in scheduled places. I don't plan on ever doing it again, as long as I can drag myself to where I'm going. Like Joel, I apologize for sounding so harsh, but I want to jump in front of you and scream, Don't do it! Debbie Cole-Weber