Subject: Italy via Trafalgar Tours?
For our first trip to Italy my husband and I took a Trafalgar tour (in Feb/March, 1995) which included 2 nights in Rome, 2 in Florence, 2 in Venice, 1 in Assisi, 2 in Sorrento and 1 in Rome. Afterwards we spent an additional 4 nights in Rome, 3 nights in Siena and a week in Florence on our own. We do not usually take tours, but chose the Trafalgar tour because of the low cost. We had a good guide and the tour was well organized, although obviously quite rushed. I am not sure how we would have felt if we had not had the extra days on our own afterwards. However, the tour did give us a general overview of some of the main sights and encouraged us to return to Italy in the winter of 1998 for four and a half weeks (almost three weeks in Rome, 3 nights in Padua and the rest of the time in Sorrento and Positano). For a first tour I would not choose to spend 2 nights on Capri. If you can find a tour that covers just Rome, Florence and Venice I think you would enjoy that more. You should be aware that Trafalgar charges extra for most of its side trips; the tour cost usually only covers air fare, transportation in Italy, your hotel room and a few meals. Ann Widdowson Victoria, BC