Subject: Germany & Czech Republic
My husband and I will be leaving for Frankfurt, Germany on August 16 and returning on September 10. Our plan is to pick up and drop off our rental car at Frankfurt airport. We will be using Auto Europe for the rental. I noted in a rencent discussion that most Ziner's voted it #1. Our plan is to stay the first two nights in Regensburg; third night en route to Oberammergau (perhaps UIm);next 7 nights in Oberammergau (we have tickets to the Passion Play and have an apartment rented for the week. There we plan to hike, see the castles, Zugspitz, etc. and of course the Passion Play); nights eleven and twelve in Salzburg; nights thirteen through sixteen in Vienna; night seventeen in Cesky Krumlov, Czech Rep; nights eighteen through twenty-one in Prague; nights twenty-two and twenty-three in Nuremburg; night twenty-four near Frankfurt airport, perhaps Wurzburg or Rudesheim. In both cases the run to the airport should be easy enough for us to drop off the car and board our flight that morning. Departure of Lufthansa to Miami is 10:00 a.m. Aside from our holiday apartment, any information on Zimmer Frei type accommodations would be appreciated. Also, any feedback on our plans would help. Any suggested changes in the itinerary? Would appreciate hearing from any and all Ziner's to make our trip great. Our only other question is driving and security in Czech Republic. I know that it is very important for us to have a secure area--garage--for our rental vehicle. As for the air fare, the best I can get is $1,000 per person--with the help of a consolidator and my travel agent! Aggh! Any ideas? Thanks! Jane