Subject: Czech Republic accommodation
Hi, I was just in Czech Republic last spring and most of any problems you have will be in Prague. The first suggestion I have for hotel is an apartament in a 15th century monastery that has a locked, enclosed parking area. I stayed there for a week, became friends with the owners and their daughter took me sightseeing around thte country. We stayed at the hotel I mentioned below in Cesky Krumlov and parked the car in their open lot but had no problems. Trip sounds wonderful.

Apartment rented by the Sklenars, Vsehrdova 7/440, 11800 Prague 1, phone 011-4202-534-744; e-mail: vladimir.sklenar Contact Katie Sklenarova. Large, airy, modern, private apartment in 16th century monastery in old city, a block from the river and a lovely park. Up one flight of stairs. I especially appreciated the heated towel racks in the modern bathroom and the English books in the bookcase. They speak English and are very friendly and helpful. Single about $20, double about $30. Katie is also a wonderful guide around Prague or into the countryside. She knows great nontouristy places; $8 an hour plus about $4 a day for gas. Katie offers airport transfers for about $13.

Apartment rented by Dr.Stania Weigova, Na Porici 8, 1100 00 Prague 1, phone/fax 011-4202-232-3203. Has apartments in her building (up 2 flights of stairs) as well as other buildings with elevator, from Single $22 - $30, double $27 - $35; all located in old city. She is located in Republic Square. Stania is also a wonderful guide ($8 an hour), a former journalist, knows the history of Prague and country very well and can solve just about any problem you may have during your stay. Also offers airport transfers for about $15. She was my guide in Prague and introduced me to Katie who took me around after staying with her folks in my own apt.

Hotel Dvorak, Radnicni 101, 381 01 Cesky Krumlov; tel.: 420-337/711020, fax: 420-337/711-024. An elegant, luxury hotel with only 17 rooms on five floors. Located directly in the historical center of town on Vltava River beneath the castle. Rooms are lovely, filled with all the amenities to make if a home away from home. Getting there by car is tricky. You must turn into the old city form outer ring road, through a renovated old city gate over a white sided bridge. Follow that road, Latran, through a second larger archway and down over a wooden bridge over the river. Hotel is directly on right next to far side of bridge. Parking behind hotel down narrow lane on far side of hotel. Single: $66 - $85, double: $85 - $100 including breakfast.

Book hotels in advance as they fill up quickly in the summer. The Cesky Krumlov Tourisi Service, a block off the main square on Radnicni street, has information on lodgings, including the less expensive but comfortable and attractive pensions. Many seasoned travelers recommend CK's pensions, often found near the center of town, generally under $20 a night, with clean rooms (some with bath) plus breakfast. Bookings can be made by mail but it's relatively easy to find a room when you arrive. Most advertise in town with pension and zimmer frei (room available) signs posted on buildings. Best bets are: Pension Anna (on Rooseveltova just off Horni), and Pension Barbakan (Rooseveltova at Horni 27). In the center of town, Dvou Marii (two Marys ) is best known for its cafe right on the river but it also has rooms. There also are many charming pensions off Latran down to the left on V. Jame, near the Budejovicka Gate. Sandy