Subject: Itay via Trafalgar
I have received a couple Zine msgs that I don't see on this list for some reason, now that I'm here ..but to reply to them. (and others) First of all thank you for all the information. I was full aware that I could plan a better trip on my own than the tour I mentioned. However, as the Wests mentioned, my original impetus for choosing Trafalgar is price. We couldn't come CLOSE to the price if we travelled to Italy on our own in June. So seemed that if I wanted to see Italy, this was my only option. I have checked into the hotels as many questioned ...they all seem to be four star and VERY well located. In Rome the hotel is in Ancient Rome near the Coloseum. In Capri we stay at the Regina Christina. In Venice, the Antony. The only hotel I can't find something about is the Tettuccio in Montecatini, though one person commented that it is part of the spas there. Admittedly there is so much more time I will need to spend in Florence and Venice, had I the money. My hope was that Trafalgar would be a quality way to see what I can afford, give me a taste and then hopefully next year we can return to a region we loved and spend more time -- maybe during off season. I don't want to waste money, but Trafalgar (I thought) was very well reviewed -- my particular tour listed in Frommer's. If this seems understandable, under conditions, how can I make the most of one dawn to dusk day in Florence. David and the Uffizi (which I hear you should reserve advance tickets somehow) are a must ..anything else? Again, thank you Marcy