Subject: Barcelona Hotels & tours
Hola, Regarding hotels, this is a, not complete, lists of possibilities. All thes hotels are centrically located (a warning note: being from Barcelona, I have never actually stayed in any of them, but I have good references for most of them from friensds who have stayed in some of the hotes l listed)

- H. RESID. JARDIN 2* Pl s Josep Oriol, 0001 Telèfon: 93 301 59 00 FAX: 93 318 36 64

- H. AMBASSADOR 3* Pintor Fortuny, 0013 Telèfon: 934120530-934120988 FAX: 933027977

- HOSTAL RESID. TURIN 2* Pintor Fortuny, 9 Telèfon: 933024812 FAX: 933021005

- H. RESID. MESON CASTILLA 2* Valldonzella, 5 Telèfon: 933182182 FAX: 934124020

- H. CONDES DE BARCELONA 4* Rambla Catalunya

- H. CALDERON 4* Rambla Catalunya

- H. COLON 4* Plac,z de la Catedral

Regarding city tours, I don't think you need to book one. There's a tourist bus service run by the city transport authority that will take you to most of the touristic monuments and areas in the city. I don't know the exact price, but I think that a ticket costs around 800 ptas for the whole day. You can hop on and off in any of the bus stops in the route, so it is quite convinient to visit sites and/or museums. The tourist bus can be a good way to get acquinted with the city. In general, public transport in Barcelona is quite convenient, so I don't think there's any need to take a tour. Don't hesitate to ask if you have any questionon Barcelona Have fun, Albert