Subject: Priceline
Since I work in the travel industry, I read widely in that field, print publications and on-line news. About, I read stories of people being overjoyed with what they got, others of people being dismayed with what they got. Key is that you take what you get, once you submit a bid to, and people have been surprised to get back something showing that yes, their low bid was accepted, but that they were not arriving at their destination until midnight, perhaps having changed planes several times en route, then departing at 5:30 AM on their return day. Have particularly noticed people going somewhere for a specific program or party or event set for, let's say, 2 PM on April, they asked for a flight to the destination on April 3, then a flight back after 6 PM on April 4. Gave their credit card, put in a bid, and got back acceptance -- for a flight that had a return departure at 10 AM on April 4, causing them to entirely miss the event they were going for. But the bidder was by then required to accept the ticket. Or, have read of people traveling with an elderly person and getting their bid accepted okay, only to realize the schedule was one that would be very arduous for the elderly companion; again, once bid, you are required to take the ticket.

Other times, people get lucky and get great prices for good schedules. It's all a roll of the dice, and people need to remember there are no allowances for special requests or special needs about times of flights with dealing with, no no thank you once you see what your bid got you, etc.

It's also stunning to read of the vast millions of dollars in losses that continues to show every time a quarterly report or such comes out. What deep pocket investors it must have! Your local hometown travel agency cannot afford to do this, and it is why so many have had to close their doors in the last few years! Sally Watkins, CTC