Subject: AutoEurope
Leslie, Our local, neighborhood travel agent got this rate (183$), and I was sitting right there when she called AutoEurope. I have also called them myself and rented a few times. That is why I thought the 500$ for 11 days seemed high. Also why I was wondering if Jubilee madness had anything to do with the rate. We picked the car up in Rome, Via Veneto area, and dropped it off at Piazzele Roma in Venice. I don't have my trip calender handy from last year, but I believe we had the car for 6 days; no less, I am sure. So even doubling the rate would not equal 500$. (And the dollar is even stronger now against the lira than it was in October.) The car was a cute Fiat, very square, plenty of room and vroom, with a covered trunk area. Good on gas. You can e-mail me for any other specifics. You have probably already posted on where your trip is taking you, but I am curious. Hope to hear more, since travel in Italy is one of my favorite subjects in life. Debbie