Subject: Las Vegas Question
Erica, Here's my 2 about Las Vegas# Take any one of the Limos out in front of the airport. I think round trip was about $5 per person and we stayed at the Fremont, downtown. You call the Limo company about 24 hours before you leave and they will be waiting on you when you get checked out. Hubby and I think it starts the vacation and ends the vacation just right, whether you have made money or lost it all at the casinos !! We went to La Cage at the Riveria and had a blast !! Those female impersonators were really good and were probably the best entertainment we saw all weekend !! My husband and friend's husband were having the time of their lives. The interplay between the hostess and our little group is what made it so fun !! Be sure and go downtown to see the Fremont Street Lights#usually on Friday and Saturday nights, they have several bands playing and there are lots of people just watching the lights. Also, if you are into thrills, be sure and ride the roller coaster at New York, New York. The coaster at Stratosphere is penny ante but the big Shot is pretty cool and a wonderful view. !! Mollie :o) Hobart, Ok