Subject: Italy financial comparisons
Hi Marcy I tend to agree with Sally Watkins, that with careful planning you can get very close to a tour price. We have found a brilliant travel agent in New Zealand and she is worth her weight in gold. We use her as well as the 'Net' to make our bookings, and it works out fine. My wife and I have previously been on Globus tours to Europe and the US, but we now prefer to go it alone. That is not to say that we did not enjoy the trip, we certainly did, and made lots of friends, which we still correspond with, but we found we were herded like sheep and tended to miss a lot. The most annoying thing, well to us anyway, was the cost of the so called optional extras, which if you did not go to, you would miss a lot of the sights. We were told that these extras were at a good price, but we found that this was not always the case. The upside to a organised bus tour, is that all the transport, and the handling of your luggage is arranged as are most of your meals. If you have a good tour director, as we always had, that is a real asset. I compared prices with A 14 day Globus tour of France with the cost of a leased car and the hotels of our recent six week journey, and we found that we had change left. Of course we still to needed pay for meals, petrol and admission to attractions. There are many travellers that travel on organised tours and swear by them, like my sister and brother-in-law. In conclusion I would like to say, that what ever way you choose to travel, I hope you have a really great time Regards, Richard (Christchurch,New Zealand)