Subject: one day in Florence
Marcy, I totally agree with Joel on skipping the Uffizi. I also think it just eats up too much time. I wanted to make this suggestion myself, but was too afraid to!. Let me add that I wouldn't wait in line to get into the will see plenty of other fabulous church interiors, and the last time I was in Florence, there was quite a wait to get into the Duomo. Why not see Santa Croce instead? There is enough there to take up a few hours: ancient buildings, the leather school, the Della Robbia chapel, and the church itself. I also second the vote for the Medici chapels. Amazingly beautiful, and not as heavily touristed as other places in Florence. I once had a day and a half in Florence, and enjoyed a fairly quick visit to the Pitti Palace. Also not so heavily touristed. And I love the Boboli Gardens, especially a snack at the cafe overlooking Florence. On the Ponte Vecchio, we like the shop called River of Gold (two stores, I believe). We aren't big jewelry wearers or buyers, but you can find the loveliest things at great prices. The River of Gold came highly recommended to us for value and service, and we have now been there three times, buying something at each visit. Our last purchase was a wedding ring for my husband. I still have in the same pair of earrings I got there 5 years ago! It is easy to stroll into the the Accademia in the evening, no lines, but if you must be there at midday, I second the suggestion to get advance tickets. I will try to dig up my link for buying advance tickets in ITaly. Hope this helps Debbie