Subject: Re: one day in Florence
If you have one day in Florence (we were there for a week last summer and there was still more to do), I would think that the best thing would be to do your homework and decide what it is you really want to see. If you want to see Michaelangelo's David, go to the Academia. If you want to see more sculpture, go to the Bargello. I would not miss the Baptistry with the Ghiberti doors. YOu might also want to see what special exhibitions are there. there was a Botero sculpture exhibit in the Piazza Del Signoria and a Cartier Bresson at the Ricardi Medici. If it the Birth of Venus, then you do want to go to the Uffizi. If it is Michaelango, you might want to go to the Sacristy at San Lorenzo. It just boils down to the choices that you want to make. Michele Missner