I will never forget the laugh we had in Rome on one of our nights out for a restaurant. The hotel had made arrangements for us and we took their recommendation. The place was within walking distance of the hotel, somewhere generally east of St. Peters. We found it without too much difficulty and went inside to discover a sparse international clientele, a couple from Australia, some Romans, others, but what made me laugh was the proprietor, sitting in front of a television set, absolutely glued to it, watching Daffy Duck cartoons. Daffy is my favorite cartoon character and I always thought he was funny, but I did not have any idea of how funny until I saw him speaking Italian on tv. By all means go out in Europe, wherever you are, and try to find a small restaurant and enjoy the local food. My wife and I meet people from time to time who will come back from Europe with their stories and always the same quotation...but of course we stayed at the Holiday Inn and ate at McDonald's and absolutely refused to drink the water. And so on.

Ray Gibson rgibson