Subject: Re: AutoEurope
Hi Leslie, I thought about replying to you off list, but I realized that this is the stuff we share, even if it isn't all that specific. And I am always happy to chat about travels in Italy. I have been to Italy four times. The first was a visit to Liquria, staying in Santa Margherita. I am glad to say that I have been back to this area, and it is one of my favorite places. Everyone seems to love the Cinque Terra, which I liked as well, but I really love Santa Margherita for location, fun, friendliness and GREAT FOOD. I am hoping to get to this area with my husband (just married in 99) in the near future. We have spent time in Rome, Florence and Venice, of course, and I would also revisit each of those places. I have been to Umbria twice and really love it. Among our favorites are Assissi (althought we love the areas around the town...the center is sort of Assissi World), Spello, Perugia (very cool town) and other small towns like Montefalco. I love just speaks to me of St Frances and St Chiara..... And they eat well there, too. Been to Ravenna, Verona, Lago di Garda, Capri, Sorrento, Pompeii.......I'm sure I'm forgetting something. As for Tuscany: We stayed in a tiny village (and I do mean tiny) called Palazzo San Gimignano, and made day trips to Siena and , Orvieto, San Gimignano....It was lovely and I had the most incredible potato ravoli in San Gimignano....All these places were pretty heavily touristed, but still fun. I wish I had spent more time in Tuscany.... I have read both of Frances Mayes' books and enjoyed them. Ahh, to be in Italy.... Debbie