Subject: Re: Innsbruck
I highly recommend the Hotel Sailer in Innsbruch: my mom, sister and I stayed there last July, and my notes say it was heaven. It's a family-run, small hotel about 2 blocks from the train station, and you can see the famous Golden Roof just a few blocks away. We took 2 rooms there and voted it first prize as our best hotel. Large comfortable rooms, elegant couch and chairs, big armoire, and a desk in a bay window with mountain views, and our rooms connected via a secret passageway. The huge beds have wonderfully comfy pillows and comfy comforters.

We had a wonderful, peaceful lunch in their courtyard gazing up at the Alps and hang gliders. My weiner schnitzel covered the entire plate - food enough for 3, and came with a great salad of cucumbers, butter lettuce and potato salad. My Mom and sister split an equally large mixed grill of beef, pork, veal, and sausage.

The owner was very friendly, as were the staff who patiently translated everything on the menu for us.

I'm sorry I don't have good room estimates, but if my sister unearths the receipt (she's the accountant on our travels!) I'll post again. I can say it was a very reasonable price, as we usually look for hotels under $100/room.