Subject: On visiting Barcelona
Dear lady, I'm an Italian member of the Travelzine list. I suggest you to visit Barcelona not on a package tour,but on your own.Although it's a big town,many of the best sights are easily done by just walking,and this is very pleasant.We went there after many years in 1996,and since our daughter was just 6 then,we were glad to realize that it's a safe place,you can walk even at midnight in the main avenues without any hassle.Short taxi rides are also inexpensive,so for instance you can easily walk to an attraction and take a taxi on your way back,or combine two areas of the town in one afternoon.I always like to feel the heartbeat of a city not,or not only, from the upper deck of a tourist bus.For my taste,what you should not miss are the main works of architect Gaudi'.They're something unique to this town and you won't forget them!Some of the works by other architects of the modernist style are also worth seeing ,among them the Saint Paul hospital(Sant Pau).That's it,a hospital which is also a stunning collection of decorative masterworks from this artistic movement of the first decade of '900.Of course,there are many interesting things apart from this artistic period. Have a nice time in Barcelona,yours friendly