Subject: Re: Your Favorite Italy Honeymooner...Must See Tips Please
Hi Marcy,

Is it possible you could fly from Detroit? You may want to check Northwest's price from there or which ever city you're coming from if you haven't already. Another trick is to try out travelocity ( Also my suggestion would be to either pick Rome or Florence and Venice. Since the latter are close and very accessible via train I suggest that as Rome is really a week minimum and preferably a fall trip.

Florence and Venice would be my pick ... as in FLR it is easy to go on a budget and you can walk everywhere (in the downtown area ... it's a deceivingly huge city!). Also you can make Venice a side trip (one overnight) and see most of the sights around San Marco. Don't stay long as VCE is *expensive*! Especially in the summer. Florence is easy to go budget, but watch out for the shopping! To me Florence is the best mall in the world ... you can blow $$$$$ on one impluse and never know what hit you!! As long as you can resist that urge you can get by fairly cheap. If you are there and can't resist urge try Anna in the Oltrano area ... you won't be disappointed! Also don't forget about the leather district ... *very* cheap as leather goes ... I had a custom tailored suede sportcort made for US$200! Other goods were as cheap ... the district is on the east side of downtown florence. Feel free to email me directly for more FLR shopping tips!

congratulations! happy traveling!