Subject: Driving in Florida
Thanks to everyone for helpful tips about driving in Florida. I read the speedtraps page and found it amazing! Well, Italian highway and city police can sometimes be very hard to deal with (if you're wrong, of course) and they are sometimes accused of issuing tickets to increase revenue, but it's more a sort of joke than a real thing. It looks like some county sheriff in the USA is taking it very seriously. Just to go on with this subject, do somebody knows if police can use more tolerance on an overseas visitor who happens to make some less important mistake? The speedtraps site shows police targeting tourists as they can provide an easier case, but I guess Florida earns a big part of its income by attracting tourists and not by threatening them. Further, all my tourbooks confirm I can drive a rented car in the USA with my national driving license only, but the posting about International Driving License has made me suspicious.... Anybody can help? For all of you who asked, I'll be there at Easter this year. Many thanks as usual and I appreciate a lot the enthusiasm, the fondness and the deep knowledge of my country so many of you show.


Paolo Trieste, Italy