Subject: Re: Dogs in Germany
Central European countries are very tolerant about people travelling with dogs. Most hotels or inns will accept it easily for a nominal fee, but access could be forbidden to dining rooms or some parts of the estate. I've seen a lot of people travelling with dogs in Europe, and if it's a small or mid-sized one you should find no hassle. Some small shops can ask you to lash the dog outside and a taxi driver can of course refuse to take for a ride a big animal, but I suppose it's just matter of common sense of the owner first. Train and air transportation have usually very strict policies about animals, therefore you better check in advance to avoid last minute refusals. Remember also to check which type of sanitary documents are required before entering the country: I believe some Europen countries require a mandatory quarantine.

I see you're like me: when I can't plan for myself I can't help to plan for others! :-)

Have a nice day