Subject: Paris Hotel
Someone recently inquired about the Hotel Moderne St-Germain on the left bank. Sorry for the delay in answering.

My wife and I have stayed there twice - 1995 (7 days during the bad strikes) and 10 days in 1996. We were comfortable enough there and especially prized the large buffet breakfast which kept us going half the day. You might want to see if the new Tulip management is still offering this. Things do change.

On the down side, the rooms are extremely small, although clean and well maintained. Baths are more than adequate. The staff was helpful to us both times.

Re the area: it's true it looks like it's in the center of everything on rue des Ecoles, but you will find it's a hike to the nearest métro (Maubert-Mutualité. At night the area more or less shuts down (a few rowdy students on weekends, maybe) and there are few services open late. Best nearby restaurant is Brasserie Balzar, an easy walk up the street. There is a mom &pop grocery across from the hotel where you can grab a beer or snack until 1 a.m. or so. The hotel has a machine in the lobby with beer &soft drinks. However, one morning I wakened early and had to walk to Place St. Michel for a coffee. The room clerk sleeps on a couch in the lobby, so if you come home late you can get in without too much fuss.

Would we stay there again? Yes and no - it would depend on the length of our stay and how comfortable we wanted to be. We're going again next month, but will opt for the right bank this time, simply because we want to explore a new area this helps.

Ron in Louisiana