Subject: Uruguay

I had the pleasure of spending several days in Uruguay, Montevideo to be precise in the Fall of 1995. It was a very memorable few days, especially one evening where all of the participants at the conference I attended were taken down to the waterfront, to a giant indoor hall, that was filled with various grills/bistro's. I imagine it is a place where the sailors and longshore men eat when working on the pier; and it had been taken over for us on this one evening.

The short order cooks, started barbecuing all manners of food, from whole chickens, to chorizo sausages, to fish, and other exotic goodies like lamb and pork chops, and various sweetbreads, a personal favourite was sheep thymus (My apologies to anyone reading this over lunch!). The food just kept coming and coming, it was truly wonderful, speaking as one who lives to eat (vs eat to live).

Hopefully, I will be able to return to South America in the near future, and once again enjoy your hospitality, wonderful food and wines!


John Wiernikowski Hamilton, Ontario CANADA