Subject: Re: Driving in Florida
Hi to Paolo and other Ziners,

First of all, driving an out of state car attracts the police in South Carolina. I hate to say it, but it is true.

Miami--here is another true story. My husband was working in Miami for over 3 months one year, using an AVIS rental car. One night he got an overdue PARKING ticket and he paid it with a check.

Nearly one year later we got a notice from the police in Miami that THAT $10 ticket, unpaid, was now $35. so, we sent them a copy of the cancelled check.

One year later, we got another notice from the police that this ticket was very overdue and I don't rememmber what the new charges were--like over $100. There was additional information attached to this notice--the ticket was for double parking and issued 4 hours after he had left Miami on that particular day. He was in Miami again so I called him and he called Avis. By that time all their records were in storage or destroyed. We never got another notice so probably Avis ate the fine.

Our Portugal story of illegal parking has been posted on the Zine and if anyone wants a recap of that, please email me, either on the Zine or privately.

Drive carefully.