Subject: Re:Your favorite honeymooners...
Hi friends, I do know that I would be more savvy and more polite if I retained myself from posting messages like this,and took some time for just reading and thinking,being a brand new member.I'll take my risks,anyway...

I write this message as a reply to Marcy JS,but it's rather a reflexion of a more general kind. The point I want to stress is that everyone seems so anxious about how many things he can see and do in a single day during his vacation in Italy(or anywhere else). I remember a movie picture about package tours whose title wasIf it's Tuesday,then it must be Belgium,do you know it?

Actually,one would need a whole life to get to really know such places as Rome,or NYC, or you name it.But he's got one single day! How can he match the two things? My humble advice is to try and feel the air,the peculiar flavour of a city or country.Watch the local people,see if they smile or grin;see how they gesticulate(italians gesticulate a lot);look at what they eat or drink and where they shop and try to do the same;do some window-shopping ,or market stand-shopping,if you can still find a city where the goods on sale aren't the same as in every shopping mall in every town;most of all, try to learn 50 words of the local language.It's amazing what a wonderful key this can be in getting in touch with the people.I know you can't trust any person found in a street these days(at least in Italy beware of pickpockets, and always carry your bags on the wall side of the sidewalk and leave your jewels and precious watches back home),but most of the times if you follow your instinct and common sense you can find friendly,lovely people!

I know that since Italy has got,they say, 40% of artistic heritage of the whole world,one wants to grab the more he can on his first visit,but the more you can will still be so little! I was in NYC maybe three times,but I never could get to the Statue of Liberty-a must-due to too long lines!I don't mind,each time I visited various beautiful museums,buildings,parks,shops;and,I still have o good reason to go back to NYC-seeing the Statue of Liberty! In Rome,Venice,or Florence you have many sights that are all on a level of excellence.Choose one or two,if you have one day,and spend the rest of time walking leisurely.Even if you do a marathon seeing dozens of art masterpieces,how much would you retain of each of them after,say,one year?

To Marcy:anyway,for my taste I would choose: In Rome:the Vatican,Piazza Navona and surrounding Churches,Capitol museums.Anything else, since all of Rome(caput mundi)is *****,you'll cry when you leave it,even with all its traffic,pollution,and so on.

In Venice:Vaporetto(public boat)ride on the Canal Grande>Palazzo Ducale,San Marco,cross the Canal Grande by Ponte di Rialto and take a left to Santa maria dei Frari and Scuola di San Rocco(which has strange opening hours,if I remember well).

In Florence(I haven't been there for eons now,though,but I think all the sights are still there:-)):Duomo,San Lorenzo,walking and seeing as much as I can from the outside

I would not miss Siena at any cost. Of course these suggestions are as good as anyone else's.

Best wishes for your wedding and whole life!

That's ll for today,excuse my intrusion. Yours sincerely