Subject: Re: On visiting Barcelona
The Picasso Museum was expanded a couple of months ago. It now occupies three gothic palaces in Carre Montcada. There is a very interesting (although quite small) museum in the same street: the Museu Barbier-Muller. It focuses on Central and South America pre-colombian art. Most of the buildings in Carrer Montcada are palaces where the Barcelona upper classes lived during the middle ages and some of them are currently being used as museums, art galleries, ...

There are a couple of interesting areas to walk around and are not usually visited by tourists: one of them is the Dreta del Eixample. There are lots of appartment buildings from the beginning of the century (I mean the 20th century, which I just realized it is now the LAST century.. ;-). There are no big monuments such as Gaudi's buildings but the area is quite ineteresting and centric. Other interesting area is the Barceloneta, the old fisherman neigbourhood located between the old harbour and the Vila Olimpica. Again, there are no real monuments or tourist sites in the area; but there are a lot of small restaurants where you can eat tapas and seafood.

Hope this helps,