Subject: Amalfi coast
Here are our marvelous finds in Sorrento:

The Bristol Hotel in Sorrento Via del Cappo, 22--- 80067, Sorrento, fax 081-087-1910 was a real find, so nicely located, out of the traffic noise, and an easy walk to town. Our shower did not work, but we never complained as the room was so gorgeous and we had a sitting room, too, something our traveling friends did not have. Maybe because we asked for a room with one bed and they requested two beds. The breakfast was included and it was a very nice breakfast for Italian standards--wonderful bread, eggs, meat and cheese (of course), butter, jam, crusty rolls, fruit and juices. Absolutely no problem there.

The meal at night had us confused as to what to tip as we had no prices on the menu--much like what you would get with half board or with a tour. We later found out it was $25 p.p. and we made up the tip later on. When we asked for the bill the first night they told us it was included on our room >bill. We had to check at the desk to determine the situation.

It appears the hotel caters to tour groups, but very few were there in early December. We were on the 6th floor, room 602, I believe.

There was a huge terrce above us and a huge swimming pool, not filled in December, of course. aand ourside dining was obvious (for the warmer months)

We paid $142 per night, terrific view, and exactly the room we asked for, despite the shower problem, but the bath tub worked just fine.

For those of you who are counting stars, the hotel was rated 4 stars by someone, and I think it was worth every penny both for location and food and amenities, aand the dinner was great!

Our English speaking taxi driver that we accidentally acquired in Sorrento was Raffaele Iaccarino. telephone 0338-1215116. fax 081 8785831, email 03381215116 address Via Fuoro, 44 80067 Sorrento, Italy Mercedes Cab and we used his services (for a charge of course) for a trip to the Amafi coast, local transportation, and a trip back to Naples to catch the train to the port.

Where he took us to eat in Naples, a referral from a fellow cab driver, was the Marino, Napoli--Via S. Lucia, 118-120, tel (081) 764-02.80 and what we ate was faggotini, a rolled and sliced pasta (looked like a jelly roll) with mozzarella, ricotta, ham, mushrooms, all baked in a rather sweet tomato sauce (as opposed to an acid, strong taste) They also had appetizers there that the others said were wonderful--marinated anchovies and very thinly sliced salmon. I am not much of a fish eater so I did not try any, but the other 3 said these things were grand.

Also, in Sorrento, we located, or rather Raffaele did, a cyber cafe called near downtown. Another address is and it has strange hours and the mouses (mice) needed a good cleaning, but the people were helpful, even though they could not speak English. Sign language was the way to go.