Subject: Re: Tube from Heathrow?
There is only one tube line into London from Heathrow. It is impossible to miss. It is slow, but pretty reliable. Depending on the time of day, it can be crowded as well. There are many on line guides to the tube which you can look at to figure out your connections. email me privately if you need the links, or advice on it. An alternative is to take the high speed express train to Paddington, which is faster and more expensive. They advertise that it leaves every 15 minutes and gets you to Paddington in 15 minutes or so. Avoid the minicabs if you can. They are very expensive, and if traffic is bad, it could take you much longer to get to your destination than the train. British Rail has a web site where they dispense useful information, and detail the various discounted transit cards that you can purchase. Some travelcards can only be purchase from the States, but can be fine bargains if they meet your needs.