Subject: College studies abroad
Gretchen brought up a good idea for Mandy and other college students--do foreign study programs for which your university will give credit. Our travel-loving son was fortunate that his university gave him full credit for study programs at Oxford (2 terms); London (1 semester); Florence (1 semester); and China (a January term). And, yes, he did graduate with a B.A. in 4 years, the usual time, so it can be done. And, amazingly enough, the costs of studying abroad on these programs were no more expensive that his tuition/fees/room and board at school in St. Paul, MN, with the exception of the China program (the costs of getting there pushed that one up.) These experiences were all fantastic for him and he, and we, are sure he learned more studying in those places than if he had merely remained on campus. So it can be done! And, Mandy, he is so happy he has done all of this travelling in the past, because now he is in that business world you spoke of, working long hours, often weekends too, with his annual 3 weeks of vacation, which he reluctant to take all at once because the work piles up so. Enjoy your travels, Pat in Baltimore