Subject: RE: Stockholm (was: Help please!!)
Hi, Mollie. Answers to your questions.

1._ Arlanda to Stockholm. There is a brand new train (Arlanda Express) since the end of last year. I was there in October, and the train was doing test runs. Right now it is working, every 15 minutes, I am dying to try it. I am attaching the Arlanda web page. Hope you find it helpful. But, there is a reliable bus service, every 10-15 minutes, into town centre. It costs 60 Swedisk Krona, and you can pay with credit card in the bus (by the way, I love Sweden, you almost donīt need to get any real money, everything can be paid with Visa). Just in case you donīt want to get the bus. Both, train and bus, get you into the main station, just in the centre.

2._ A cheap hotel. Afraid I cannot help you in this. When I go there, it is on company expenses (that means Sheraton or Radisson), but I have a list of hotels some place. Iīll look for them and post them. I stayed once at the Scandic Slussen, accross Gamla Stan. I got a room with a wonderful view over the Old City, but it was an ecological room. The lights in the bathroom went off after 10 minutes, and didnīt come back until 10 minutes later. Not very nice, but good energy savings.

3._ Eating. Itīs expensive, yes, especially if you get wine or beer. Last October I paid around 12$ for a glass of Burgundy (it was a good wine, but it was 1/3 of the price of the meal). But at lunch time you can get set menus for around 50-60 Skr, very good price. A nice restaurant, with a fine view is Gondolen, in Slussen.

4._ Layover. I guess I am biased, but I have friends both in Brussels and Amsterdam, and I would stay in Brussels. I know it can be run-down, and the weather can be awful, but I like it.

Rgds from Covadonga in Bilbao