Subject: Amalfi coast
Hi Peter,

If you eat at Marino, be sure to order Faggotini--we have never tased or seen anything like that before. And it was wonderful. If you send me your private email address I will send you a picture of the owner and our cab driver, Raffaele. I bet the owner will like that.

We did not see any hotels, etc. in Naples as we were not looking for anything like that. Raffaele told us to keep the doors locked in the cab, keep purses and cameras out of sight, and we obeyed him at all times.

Our hotel in Sorrento was great, but not a relatively inexpensive place. We requested just what we got--a NICE hotel, view of the sea, and the unexpected surprise was a wonderful breakfast, being within walking distance of downtown, and meals available at a decent price which were fantastic. Not cheap. but we ate there 2 times out of 4 nights. And would do it again.

Have a great time.