Subject: Re: Driving in Florida
Hi one and all, Just want to add my two cents worth on this topic. As a retired law enforcement officer (I spent 25 years with the Metro Dade Police Dept) in Miami my advice is the same as for travel anywhere. Keep any eye on your surroundings and don't look like a tourist (yes this is hard with out of state plates, but sometimes we feel there are more of those here than Florida tags!). Also, much depends on where in the state you'll be driving (remember it takes more than 12 hours to drive from Jacksonville to Key West and about 16hours from Key West to Panama City). If you're a member of AAA, they can provide you with hot spots the areas to stay away from or the speed traps along certain roads (almost improbable along any of the major interstates). South Florida has the worst rep but no scarier than certain sections of Detroit or NYC (2 areas I felt extremely uncomfortable in not being armed). this is already too long but if you'd like more personal info, please email me. I'll be happy to help. As a native, I know I'm prejudiced but we do have a beautiful state. I drove to the coast Friday to watch the Space Launch and it fascinates me to see all the people from other areas who are fortunate enough to witness this great experience in person. Happy and safe traveling, Joann