Subject: Travel in Florida
Hi, I am with Joann , we live in Miami and have traveled all over Florida and never a problem, ...... however common sense should be always present, it is good to check your itinerary within city limits with a local person ,like the hotel front desk clerk or concierge.......for some reason when the tourist hat is on we tend to do silly things and feeling totally safe...and unfortunately no place is one hundred per cent safe anymore in most parts of the world. As Joann mentioned is also a good idea to check with the AAA the routes between destinations. Some of the tourist relate crimes that have happened in the Miami area were due to the fact that most rental cars have their pick up stations near the airport ( not inside the airport,) and it is difficult to find the way out, most flights from South America arrive early in the morning when it is still dark, and from Europe in the evenings so many tourist got lost when driving out of the car rental stations or to a total lack of common sense, like sleeping in cars ... Florida is beautiful and there are many , many outstanding places to visit, canoeing in rivers and lakes is fantastic , beaches are terrific, ......there is a lot to do in Florida besides and including visiting the mouse. Graziella Miami Beach.