Subject: Malaria
Hello all, I have just come from visiting a close friend in the ICU at a local Pgh. hospital. He is very critically ill with Malaria, and may not make it. The strange thing is that he contracted the Malaria in would think this is unlikely, with so many US travellers going back and forth all the time. My friend who is ill is there at least twice a year. I spoke to his doctor, and they are in touch with the Center for Infectious Diseases (right name?) in Atlanta. They told the doctor that this is the 5th case lately, and the State Department is about to issue new guidelines for visitors. I thought that since this is such a popular destination (even Ziners who don't go there probably know people who do) that I would issue the caution. The doctor also said that there are easy to get prophylactic treatments. Don't take any chances if you or a loved one are headed to the Yucatan area.

Stay well and if you can, please remember Bob in your prayers. Thanks, Debbie in Pittsburgh