Subject: Tanzania
Hi Kris--We spent two weeks in Tanzania in March. It was wonderful! Our guide was born in Africa as was his wife and children, and it is his first love although he lives in the US now. He is very involved with conservation and education there and has more knowledge than any one person can absorb in two weeks. (He's also very amusing and fun.) We had no problems at all, stayed in two tent camps and the rest of the time in Serena lodges which are beautifully appointed and the chefs are fantastic. I did have to buy extra bottled water although it was provided daily and nightly in the lodges and camps. We went for the Great Migration and pretty much followed it and never spent more than two nights in any one place. We had two Land Cruisers for five people plus the guide and the two drivers. The drivers usually serve as guides and are very knowledgeable. I would go again in a second. The wildlife is amazing and though I hate to sound dramatic I came back a changed person. I think in large part because of the guide.

We saw one safari (Carnival Cruise) with people JAMMED into their vehicles so I would suggest making sure you be careful of overcrowding and chose a small group where the drivers will stop even it you just want to take pictures of a plant. We did not get to Victoria Falls but that will be for another trip. There was just too much to see and do. Email me if you would like more info as I have LOTS. Regards, Lyn