Subject: Re: Barcelona restaurants
Cervecerķa Catalan Mallorca 236 (I think this is somewhere near your hotel. It was great for tapas, or dinner. Two of us ate dinner at the tapas bar for under $35.)

Set Portes (Siete Puertas) Passeig Isabel II 14 (This was one of the best meals we had in Barcelona. It is down near the port area. Cost was about $25 per person.)

La Fonda Passatge Escudellers 10 just off the Ramblas down towards the port. (This place had great food, and seemed very popular with a trendy set, even though the prices were dirt cheap; dinner could be had for about $15 per person.)

Los Caracoles next door to La Fonda (go for the spitted chicken and a bowl of snails, and you will be very happy.)

The following were recommended by a friend who lives in Barcelona. His criteria were eating well, with little money. He said that, in any of them, you would eat well for $20 to $35 per person. If I recall, most of these restaurants are up in the area northwest of the Plaza de Catalunya, in the area of your hotel.

Restaurante L'OLIVE Muntaner 171 Telefono 93 430 90 27

TRAGALUZ Pasaje de la Concepcio 5 Telefono 93 487 01 96

CAL JUANITO Ramon y Cajal 3 Telefono 93 213 30 43

OPAQO Ciutat 10 Telefono 93 318 46 76

Good luck, Joel