Subject: Re: Malaria
Krista &Gerardo, I apologize if my post regarding malaria brought undue anxiety to you two. It was not intended to do so. However, you should have some concern about the fact that the disease does occur in the region in which you live. I suggest you educate yourself regarding the disease. Do a search on the Internet and weed through the relevant material. Also, I suggest you inquire with the local health agency, doctors, or even long-time residents. My quick search this morning found the websites listed below. Of particular interest was the epidemiological report from Mexico. It showed a reported 132 new cases of malaria in Quintana Roo up until the 43rd week of 1999. In 1998 the total new cases was 51. When you consider the total population of the state plus the hundreds of thousands of travellers who pass through, this is a very small percentage. Also, the fact that Cozumel is an island significantly removed from the mainland with little or no standing fresh water lessens the risk even more. Furthermore, for the malaria infectious organism to be passed by the mosquito there has to be an existing population of hosts. That is, a human population who are currently suffering from malaria. If an outbreak of malaria was occurring the Mexican health agencies would, and do, address it.

The website of the Malaria Foundation. This should have most all of your answers.

I found this epidemiology report for Mexico through the Malaria Foundation website.

The following website of the U.S. Navy has a good explanation of preventive measures.

This University of Illinois site is a good one for travelers: ia.html

You two live in paradise. Continue to enjoy it but educate yourself about the potential (but slight) risks that surround you.

As I mentioned we'll be there in Nov.-Dec. of this year. Staying near Tulum (in Tankah). Although I don't currently have plans to visit Cozumel that may change. If so, perhaps we could get together.

John Rule San Diego, CA