Subject: Ferry from Italy to Istanbul
Paolo mentions that there is no ferry. I am wondering if anyone out there knows what happened to the wonderful ferry cum cruise ship called The Orient Express run by Orient Express Lines that did a week-long trip from Venice, through the Corinth Canal to Pireaus to Istanbul to Ephesus to Patmos to Olympia and back to Venice? We took this ship in the late 80's and it was a super experience at a very modest cost. The ship was a converted Silja Line ferry with small but superbly appointed cabins and two good restaurants, plus the usual cruise ship amenities of a pool and entertainment of various kinds. The carferry function was retained, and passengers could go for any leg of the journey, take their cars off, travel around, and then pick up the ship at another port (or the same) another week. Or one could just do as we did, use it as an inexpensive cruise for a week, with plenty of chance to explore or take shore excursions (included in the price, I believe, for full-week cruisers like us). It was a fascinating trip, well run, and gave us at least a chance to quickly see some new places. But I haven't heard of this ship in a long time and have always wondered what happened to it---a good idea that didn't work??? Anybody know anything about this? Cheers, Pat in Baltimore