Subject: Re: Les Pyrénées
I don't know if I am doing this correctly as this is my first response, so help me if I am wrong, please!

First of all, you are going a bit early to the Pyrenees if you want to climb at all. We have been through Vielha &the Col du Somport at different times. The skiing should be wonderful at all areas as there has been a great deal of snow, but who knows about the spring... Andorra is awful - filled with discount stores. When we were in that area climbing in the Cadi, we skipped it because the traffic into and out of Andorra was so awful.

As far as villages go, on the Spanish side - we adore Arties - about a 10 min drive further drive east fron Vielha -- there is a Parador, neat local restaurants (wonderful skiing so we're told) fabulous hiking with lakes and about 1/2 hr from the tunnel de Vielha -- We particularly like the Val d'Aran for hiking - but further in the Benasque area is our favorite (they have condos, hotels ((really a one-street town) and a few restaurants - check it out in your books as it's really wild country. I have restaurants, hotel names, etc. if you want them.

France is our main love and we stay in the Vallée d'Aspe at la Curette (about $60/night w/ dinner, breakfast, wonderful rooms w/ baths fabulous food and wine and cheese AND dessert - Eliane and Christian are the warmest most wonderful people. They live about 40 min drive from the Col du Somport in the hameau d' Aydius. Let me know if you want info. Aydius is about 15 minutes drive up the hill from Bedous (1 hr s. of Oloron - 2 hrs. about--- s. of Pau)

Let me know and I'll dig up any particulars. We're off again to France next week to hike and snow show. We'll pick up our car in Toulose (Europcar is the only way to go - $18.26 a day for a 4-door, standard w/ a trunk to hold our backpaks and boots. Glad to help - but BE specific!! Susie