Subject: Re: Tanzania

>Does anyone have information regarding traveling in Tanzania?
>Specifically I'd like to go to Ngorongoro, the Serengti (Kirawira Camp,
>western Serengeti), Mount Kilimanjaro, Lake Victoria, and Zanzibar (The
>Serena Inn).

I have wonderful memories of Tanzania. Back in 1988 we were a group of friends and we hired 2 drivers/guides through an agency in Arusha named Khan Tours. We spent two weeks roaming around northern parks plus an incredible trip from Serengeti to Lake Natron, Loliondo and then to Arusha, crossing a countryside unknown to most of tourists. We met there the Sonjos, poor but proud farmers, very far from the tourist-oriented Masais who negotiate an entry and photo fee at their villages and perform dances for money. The parks I most enjoyed were Tarangire and Ngorongoro: me and my wife enjoyed the latter so much that we took home from there a lifetime present: our first son was born 9 months later! :-) That trip was at the end of the wet season, so everyplace was emerald green and many animals had their newborns. No security problem at all, except in Dar Es Salaam where some ugly faces lingered around. The main concern was the dust penetration everywhere inside the jeeps! The lodges and tent camps were ok, some luxourious and some more spartan, bottled water available everywhere but we also carried potabilizers. The hike to first and second base camp of Kilimanjaro is easy if you take a day to get used to altitude (you start at 6000 ft), you pace your walk and wear good boots. I'd really like to come back there once.

Have a nice trip.

Paolo Trieste, Italy