Subject: RE: Malaria
In late September and early October, five of us drove in two cars across Brazil. Each began a regimen of Lariam prior to departure. One of us took it for only two weeks after his return to the US. He got malaria. One who kept up the regimen got what appeared to be the flu. When his condition worsened, his wife put him in the hospital. The first blood test reportedly showed malaria. The doctors then conducted five more blood tests. The confusion came from the discovery of dead malaria parasites in the blood stream, but no live ones were found. They finally concluded that the Lariam worked and he had a hell of a case of the flu. However, in the interest of caution they put him on an anti-malaria regimen for about 4 weeks. You are right, the pills significantly reduce your chances of contracting malaria but you had to use common sense also. I brought with me a mosquito net that I treated with pyrethiene (spelling?) the day before I left. The net was huge, really too big, and I got a lot of grief about it. Yet it was effective at night. Interestingly enough, we used a variety of repellants including Jungle Juice (100% DEET) from REI. That stuff would leak out of the bottle and it dissolved all the plastic netting in my toilet kit turning it into a black ooze.