Subject: Re: Malaria
Firstly: your drive across Brazil by car really interests me. My husband and I are planning to do some extended travelling in 3-5 years. One of our first targets is down the west coast of South America and back up the east coast to Rio. I also would love to do a trip up the Amazon but would like to take it from the Mountains down to the River and then down the River. My concern has always been driving in Brazil or other parts of South America, so I was really interested in the fact that you drove across Brazil.

Secondly. This exchange of information on malaria interests me too. I grew up in West Africa on a diamond mine in the middle of the jungle. Malaria was of course a big problem. We used to take paludrine pills daily, always used mosquito nets at night, had mosquito netting on all the window and doors, the ladies (and men actually) wore long boots (mosquito boots) at night after dark (6p.m.) and we also had a liquid we used to rub on our skin but I have forgotten the name of it. Both my mother and I were diagnosed with malaria at one point in our lives but we never really believed the diagnosis because we were told that malaria usually re-occurs - and it never has. We just put our illness down to a high fever. Who knows. All this was about 40 years ago, so it doesn't sound as if things have changed much. But I must admit I have learned a lot from the exchange of emails and primarily that the threat of malaria still exists and it is more pervasive than I had imagined. Thanks for your information.