Subject: Re: Susie Hiking in France
Hi, Susie. I live in Bilbao (Spain), and we use to go skiing in the Pyrenees, so I might have an idea about the weather. In the last few weeks, it looked as if spring was coming and the snow was melting away, but since a couple of days winter has come back, temperature have gone down, and there are a few mountain passes that require chains or snow tyres. Depending on the weather, Iīll be travelling to Jaca this weekend, and Iīll have news about it next Monday. (Iīm checking right now the snow forecast, and they announce powder snow in all the resorts, so they might be having a few precipitations. Thatīs good). About going into Navarra. Even if there isnīt enough snow for skiing, I think you will have to walk in the snow. There is a beautiful wood, Irati, specially in autumn, with all the colors and the dying leaves. If you are prepared, and like a bit of climbing, the Hiru Errege Mahaia (Three KingsīTable), is a good mountain. I know right now there is snow, but a not so long walk (and with good views) is to go from the Portalet into Pombie, below the Midi dīOssau. But sure you have been to it.

You might like these Urlīs, although Iīm afraid many of the info is in Spanish.

Kind regards, Covadonga in Bilbao