Subject: Bavarian towns
I agree with everybody about places to visit in Bavaria, but I would like to add a town that someone also recommended a few weeks ago: Mittenwald. It's very quiet, with mountains (or so it seemed) almost growing out of the town and pretty as a regular Bavarian postcard although a little more real. We wanted to stay in Die Alpenrose but there was no room (we never reserve) and they took us to their other gastehouse: Der Bichlerhof, which was less expensive and perhaps even prettier. Just now, when I went to my photo album looking for the name of the little hotel I saw that I had written unforgettable Mittenwald!. You see, the night we arrived, getting ready to go to dinner we heard, across the street, what seemed like a group of people singing a capella . It sounded exquisite! We went down and they told us that their friend, an old music professor, who lived across the hotel, was celebrating his birthday and the singing was the way in which they wanted to honor him. No one came out of the house or looked out of a window until the very end when everybody went into the house. I think they told that this was usual in Mittenwald. No violins though! The address of the hotel is Adolf-Baade-Strasse 5 D-8102 Mittenwald. Tel 08823/5057. Have a nice trip! Marta