Subject: Fw: The Skiathos (GREECE) Winter Newsletter
Reprinted by Moderator with permission of Geof Baldry, the author:

Hello Skiathos friends,

Well this is the winter newsletter but, so far, we haven't really had much of a winter at all. The weather turned stormy and rainy over Christmas (our daughter had to wait 2 days to get back from Athens and only just made it late on Christmas Eve) but since then it has been really quite nice. We have had some very cold days and several frosts one of which was cold enough to severely set back the lemon trees and the bougainvillea and turn our lawns brown. They will all recover though, with a bit of tender care. Actually having too much good weather in the winter is a problem. For the island to stay as green and fertile as it is, we need lots of rain. As it usually doesn't rain for 6 months of the summer, the ground water has to be topped up during the other 6 months. Ah well, we still have a couple of months to go and we have had snow in March one year (and it was a LOT!) so we will have to see what happens.



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Talking of Skopelos, there is an old story (myth?) about the ancient rivalry between Skopelitees and Skiathitees.

This is the bones of it:

Skopelos was jealous of Skiathos because of its natural harbour and the offshore islands that protected it. One day the Skopelitees decided to go out with grappling irons to drag off the largest of these islands, Tsougria, and place it in front of their own harbour to protect it. They plaited ropes out of goat gut (there used to be many large herds of goats on Skopelos) and set out to drag the island off. The Skiathitees got word off this and discussed it at length and finally decided to swim out heroically and defend their property. Then someone realised the danger Oh! Oh! We might sink, having holes in our bottoms! Somebody came up with the brilliant idea of stuffing up the hole with cotton. So they did, and swam out and saved Tsougria.

Since that time, The Skopelitees refer to the Skiathitees as Bambamkokoli (cotton arses) and the Skiathitees call the Skopelitees, Katsikathes (goatees).

Well, that's about it for now.

Greetings to all the people that have signed up for this newsletter since the last one.

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