Subject: Hi Simona!

>even if Switzerland is really beautiful as landscapes, you shouldn't
>miss to visit something else in Europe, such as France, Italy or Spain
>(only to speak of the closest countries of course). You should regret
>it. Believe me!!!!

Thanks again for the advice! I'm actually doing this trip to visit two of the most dearest people in my life : my mother (in Barcelona) and my boyfriend in Thun. I, of course, want to spend the most of time with them, but my mother will be studying, and my boyfriend working. So I don't want to stay inside the whole day :) That's why I asked about day-trips : I thought I could leave early in the morning and come back at night (otherwise I'd miss him too much ;) I know it's not the best, to do day-trips, but I do not wish to do trips of more than 3 days, since I'm going basicly to see my boyfriend and my mother :) I said all that to explain myself, why I wasn't doing a big tour backpacking through Europe. I plan to do that someday, after college (I still have time :) This time I want to experience the most of this two places (Switzerland and Spain). I'm sorry if I made this a big story about my life :) I just tried to explain my trip. I'm new in this list, so if this kind of message I should send privately, please tell me! I won't repeat myself. Finally, Italy will be the first country I'll visit outside Switzerland, so Simona, I'll let you know when I'm travelling near you! (and you're right about the nightlife :) All the best!

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