Subject: from Graziella to Simona in Torino?
Hola Simona, you live in Torino? right..., wonderful, :-) we are arriving in Torino Sunday March 19 leaving Wednesday March 23 or Thursday 24 and of course we shall be delighted to meet for lunch or dinner kind of you to offer to help us enjoy better Torino. :-)....I have a special feeling visiting Torino, my mother used to live there when a child and loves it.

WE are flying to Geneva simply because we have miles in Swissair, we are arriving there on the 15, and the 16,17 and 18 will be in Lyon then we plan to take either a car or train to Torino. And then rent the car in Torino, I still have to compare the rental prices in Italy versus Switzerland and choose what is more convenient for us. Should the rental deal be a lot, lot more advantageous in Switzerland we might even get a train from Torino to Lugano and then rent the car there to be returned in Zurich were we are taking the plane back home. If you are so kind e mail me your phone number and when is the best time to call you.I haven t chosen yet the hotel in Torino, I read that the Hotel Due Mondi is ok, and that the Palace is probably a good choice? any suggestions. We would like a good hotel , good location. Best regards, Graziella Miami Beach.