Subject: Trips from Thun
Sabrina, When you are in Thun be sure that you take the bus(free,using your Swiss Pass) to Interlocken.Wonderful trip!Beattenburg is a scenic stop.The trip to top of the Neissen is another thing to consider.Of course,the boat trips. Thun is a pretty city with old bridges,nice shops,and a Migros store for buying chocolates (Frey brand) less expensive,just as good as more expensive.We ate several times in small cafes around the city square. The square is beautiful and used for out door concerts and flea markets. I stayed in Hilterfingen,small village on the lake, near Thun in the80's for 3 weeks.I returned from my trip with several colorful pieces of pottery.This pottery is made in the Thun area and quite expensive. My last visit to Thun was in 1998 and I expect to be there again in June. Have fun in this beautiful place.Shirley